World-class Design Experience

Tom De Houwer

During the 2024 AIFD Symposium

Delve deep into the secrets of Tom De Houwer’s philosophy to immerse yourself in sustainable techniques from where your floral artistry will emerge to new heights. Originating from Belgium, Tom De Houwer is celebrated as one of the most talented designers of his time. His unique designs and holistic methods, driven by philosophical meaning, have inspired thousands worldwide. You now have the opportunity to study, hands-on, with this brilliant world-class designer.

Experience The Secrets To Timeless Beauty
during the 2024 AIFD® Symposium

Saturday, July 6, 2024
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek
Orlando, Florida

About the Experience

The Philosophy

Experience profound insights into the world of floral artistry, while gaining a deeper understanding of the unique perspective, providing ways to emerge your individuality through the process.

The Hidden Rules

Experience the hidden rules that have made Tom De Houwer a legend in the floral world. Learn how to emerge from conventional principles while maintaining the elegance of timeless beauty.

Hands-on Sustainable Techniques

Experience the joy of working with sustainable techniques as demonstrations illustrate commitment to environmentally friendly floral design.

About Tom De Houwer

Tom’s style originated at a young age, inspired solely by his relationship with his world and his interpretation of it. He is now driven to inspire other designers to discover their authenticity and a new-found awareness translating meaning within their own designs.

He has been described by students, employees and fellow designers as a genuine force of nature: wildly creative with a pursuit of the delicate balance between perfection and authenticity, which most often evokes honest emotion.

In addition to being in the floral retail business for twenty years, Tom’s engagements and demonstrations have brought him presence all over the world, from China to South Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and the U.K., just to name a few.

His vast teaching experience has brought him to his epiphany of what creates a successful and lasting transformation to a creative’s personal and professional life.

He is now ready to share this inspired method, worldwide, bringing forward a new purpose and a renewed passion for his craft.


A World-class Experience to Add to Your Lifetime of Learning

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"His relatable teaching style brings clarity and ignites passion to live one's true authentic purpose."

"For more than twenty years, Tom has inspired thousands of people worldwide
through his unique teachings and philosophies."