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American Institute of Floral Designers Foundation, Inc.

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AIFD members and industry friends would have gathered this week in Chicago to experience Vision 2020.

Today, we take this moment to honor former AIFD Foundation Trustee and 2019-2020 AIFD President Elect David Shover AIFD.

An AIFD member since 1989, he was an award winning designer, educator, leader, mentor and friend. His dedication expands pages, not paragraphs.

As a designer – one of the best.
As a teacher – thorough and encouraging.
As a leader – easy to follow.
As a mentor – inspiring to the end.
As a friend – missed every day.

The David Shover AIFD Fund has been established within the AIFD Foundation in honor of one who would have been elected this week, by the AIFD National Board, to serve as President.
Once endowed, the donations remain permanently restricted with the interest and dividends available to support education into perpetuity. Contribute what you can, knowing that each dollar leads this fund to endowment and establishes a lasting tribute.

Click to Donate Online.

To Donate by Check:
Mail a check, payable to the AIFD Foundation, with the notation of David Shover AIFD Fund to

AIFD Foundation
PO Box 859
Leander, TX 78646


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CFD Scholarships in the amount up to $1,000 each

  • Awarded to Tom Powell AIFD Endowed Fund Recipient Jennifer Butcher CFD
  • Awarded to Tom Powell AIFD Endowed Fund Recipient Jamie Hayre CFD
  • Preparatory Class Registrations underwritten by Floriology Institute Fund powered by BloomNet

Scholarships to S.H.I.N.E. to total $3,150 each

  • Awarded to Michi Burrell AIFD Endowed Fund Recipient Shonda Cunningham AIFD to mentor with Charlie Groppetti AIFD and Todd Smith at Park Hill Collection
  • Awarded to Bobbi Ecker Blatchford AIFD Endowed Fund and Michi Burrell AIFD Endowed Fund Recipient Marisa Guerrero AIFD to mentor with the Winward Visual Merchandising Team at one of three Winward showrooms in Fremont, California, Atlanta, Georgia or Dallas, Texas

Three Student Scholarships to total $6,000

  • Awarded to Allen Shackelford AIFD Endowed Fund Recipient Alyssa Snow
  • Awarded to Allen Shackelford AIFD Endowed Fund Recipient Kiara Benavides
  • Awarded to South Central Regional Chapter Endowed Fund Recipient Amberlee Gandy

Five Symposium Scholarships to total up to $10,000

  • Awarded to Eulalah Overmeyer AIFD Endowed Fund Recipient Leslie Tabor
  • Awarded to Rocky Pollitz AIFD Endowed Fund and Jim Treadaway AIFD Endowed Fund Recipient Peggy Cooper
  • Awarded to North Central Regional Chapter Endowed Fund Recipient Deanna Hunt
  • Awarded to Northwest Regional Chapter Endowed Fund and Eulalah Overmeyer AIFD Endowed Fund Recipient Kimberley Horton 
  • Awarded to Southern Regional Chapter Endowed Fund Recipient Missy Brandon

Five Lifetime Of Learning Scholarships
provide each an AIFD Symposium Premium 
Registration Total Value of $4,345

  • Awarded to Irasema Carranza CFD, Ellouise Hasler-Stott, Ronda Hess AIFD, Nicola Parker AIFD and Rebecca Sullivan
  • Premium Registrations underwritten by Floriology Institute Fund powered by BloomNet

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With a new initiative of collective giving and increased awareness of a long established possibility the AIFD Foundation announces the 2019 Capital Campaign giving purpose to the 40th Anniversary of the AIFD Foundation that will extend far past the year-long celebration.

A Lifetime of Learning Fund

The AIFD Foundation has established A Lifetime of Learning Fund to provide a kaleidoscope of opportunity for future growth and shared initiatives.

Collectively, no matter what segment of the industry we find our success, in some way our efforts lead to the end result of placing flowers in the minds and hands of the consumer. Just as a kaleidoscope changes patterns from a collection of elements to reflect overall beauty, all segments of the industry, unified in purpose, can provide what is needed to establish A Lifetime of Learning.

Providing educational support through continuing instruction and inspirational experiences will elevate the level of floral knowledge to assist in securing an industry.

Establish an Individual or Corporate Named Fund

For an individual or corporate entity wishing to commit $30,000 over five years the Named Fund process is in place enabling the fund name and fund purpose to be designated by the donor.

For complete information contact the AIFD Foundation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Jin Rauch AIFD


“Jim will always be remembered for his kind loving soul, his smile, laugh, hugs and his sincere caring nature. A dedicated AIFD member, serving AIFD on the National Membership Committee and a valued leader in the North Central Chapter, representing the Chapter on the AIFD National Board, Jim thought of us as family.” 

—Carolyn Kurek AIFD and Pete Samek AIFD



“An award winner surpassing all others, he is revered as a true genius of the human spirit. He can turn a palm frond into a treasured sculpture. In turn, he can mold a student into a dedicated designer. His design style, philosophy of life and compassion for his art make him the finest creative wonder of our time. ” 

—Rocky Pollitz AIFD



“His inspiration often came through as generosity, thoughtfulness and humor. A man full of shenanigans, he was always the first to laugh at himself!  It didn’t matter whether you were a young designer or a wealthy client, he knew exactly how to excite you with design.”

—Karyn Brooke AIFD



“Frankie has been a strong inspiration in both my personal and professional life with her passionate enthusiasm, motivation, encouragement, knowledge and determination for success.”

—Tony Huffman AIFD 



“Inspired by the seasons, Matt Wood had an incredible sense of color and texture. His ability to breathe life into his creations is unparalleled. To see Permanent Botanicals as another way to express a love of the flora and fauna that surrounds us was his mission. To see Permanent Botanicals as an expression of the beauty of flora and fauna was his mission. Matt was more than a gifted floral designer; he was the personification of a true artist.” 

—Holly Money-Collins AIFD

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