Floral designers and floral enthusiasts created Neotropica and Tropical Nouveau designs in the spirit of PHILosophy and the winners are among the sixty four contestants who participated!

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Phil Rulloda AAF AIFD PFCI celebrates his 57th year as a florist and ambassador of sentiment. Having amassed an incredible number of awards in national and international design competitions, Phil has presented more than five hundred programs to tens of thousands of professional florists. He was the 2004 recipient of the Society of American Florists’ Tommy Bright Award in recognition of his lifetime achievement in floral education and commentary. In 1991, he was the first recipient of AIFD Award of Design Influence and in 2007 Phil and wife Cathy Hillen-Rulloda AIFD received AIFD’s Award of Distinguished Service to the Floral Industry. Phil has designed Christmas at the White House and has visited numerous foreign countries at the invitation of heads of state. He currently serves as the  is Director of the Phil Rulloda School of Floral Design. His goal has most importantly been to educate, motivate and inspire. His measure of worth is realized by students who have excelled in the industry and will prove to be his legacy.

“An award winner surpassing all others, he is revered as a true genius of the  human spirit. He can turn a palm frond into a treasured sculpture. In turn, he can mold a student into a dedicated designer. His design style, philosophy of life and compassion for his art make him the finest creative wonder of our time.” 

— Rocky Pollitz AIFD

In the spirit of PHILosophy and to endow the Phil Rulloda AIFD Scholarship Fund, the AIFD Foundation expresses heartfelt appreciation to the floral designers and floral enthusiasts who shared their incredible talents!

The AIFD Foundation expresses appreciation to each and every floral designer and floral enthusiast who took the time to enter PHILosophy and contributed most generously to help lead the Phil Rulloda AIFD Scholarship Fund closer to endowment. Sincere appreciation also goes to those who chose to contribute, preferring not to compete.

64 entries were received and found their way to be reviewed by the esteemed Qualifying Jury. From this review, 54 entries were qualified based on quality of image, an overview of the design and the interpretation of theme. The 54 qualified entries moved forward to the prestigious Panel of Judges to be evaluated to a scale of points based on Design Elements and Principles with points additionally considered for interpretation of theme. The entire process was completed with jury and judges only knowing the entry number. A thorough review of the scoring was completed prior to announcement.

As a result of this process the Top Ten were determined, naming the First, Second and Third Place Winners!


The AIFD Foundation expresses appreciation

“Throughout this experience, I saw in each tropical flower, foliage placement and weave, a reflection of Phil’s influence. Though recognized globally as an International Award Winner and Educator, as well as one who is the first to mentor, Phil Rulloda AIFD extends the hand of friendship to ALL. His name and influence resonates throughout this industry. Through the endowment of this fund, education provided for decades will continue for generations to come. I am often reminded of what I consider a simple yet powerful message. In Phil’s words "YES I CAN!”, I, still today, find guidance through difficult days and inspiration to lead me forward! May this message forever lead each of us to reach toward continued excellence in floral design.”
— Ken Senter AIFD

We invite you to take a look!

In these 54 designs, you will see a selection of Neotropica and Tropical Nouveau designs qualified by the jury and evaluated by the judges. We encourage you to take a moment to study what is so beautifully presented. May we all learn from the shared designs and pass it on to others to expand the creative process. Enjoy!


First Place Winner will receive the following prizes:

Second Place Winner will receive the following prizes:

Third Place Winner will receive the following prizes:


The AIFD Foundation expresses appreciation to these companies  for making these prizes possible:



Official Rules

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Once the Phil Rulloda AIFD Scholarship Fund reaches endowment, scholarships will be awarded to floral designers to add to their Lifetime of Learning. We invite you to join the many who have contributed to endow the Phil Rulloda AIFD Scholarship Fund.