A Series of Tutorials

The third of this series showcases an award winning designer
who understands and communicates well the multiple aspects of design!

Perspective Three: Cut from the Landscape


Meet the Presenter: Charlie Groppetti AIFD

The very essence of Charlie Groppetti’s style is nature-inspired designs “Cut from the Landscape”, often mixed with commercially grown materials to create unique botanicals. Having years of experience in the floral industry and a member of AIFD, Charlie’s understanding of the multiple aspects of design is immense. His early years were spent in a flower shop in California, of which he owned for nearly 20 years, often incorporating the agricultural bounty that surrounded him. Now settled on his farm in Vilonia, Arkansas, Charlie finds a source of inspiration reflected in each gathered botanical bouquet. Through his visionary development of Porch View Home, a home and garden lifestyle brand, his inspired home furnishings and accessories expand his style into a global marketplace.

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