World-class Enhanced Design Session

Interflora World Cup Champion
Nicolaus Peters

During the 2024 AIFD Symposium

In a world where floral design is synonymous with blooms and blossoms, step into the enchanting realm of paper with Interflora World Cup Champion Nicolaus Peters. As you enter his hands-on session, you'll soon discover that paper, in all its forms and variations, holds the key to a captivating floral journey unlike any other.

Paper Magic: Unveiling Floral Artistry

During the AIFD® Symposium

Thursday, July 4, 2024
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek
Orlando, Florida

About the Enhanced Design Session

Nicolaus Peters, a master of floral artistry, has a secret to share: paper is his muse, his canvas, and his instrument of expression.

In his hands, this humble material transcends its ordinary nature and becomes a source of endless creativity and inspiration. As you take your seat amidst a sea of curious minds and budding artists, Nicolaus will begin to weave his story. He'll guide you through the journey of paper, a natural and sustainable raw material that holds within it countless possibilities.

Together, you'll embark on a step-by-step exploration of how to transform this versatile material, marrying with delicate floral to create one of a kind artworks.

About Nicolaus Peters

Born in 1969, Nicolaus Peters grew up under the working table at his mother’s flower shop in Berlin. His love for flowers accompanied him since his earliest childhood. He completed his training as a gardener and subsequent horticultural studies with a degree as an engineer.

After attending university, he then turned definitely to floristry and completed another apprenticeship as a florist, followed by a masters examination. After years of working in the famous flower store. "Blumen-und Gartenkunst“ in Berlin, his boss motivated him to participate in competitions. In 2008, he succeeded in winning the German championship. Several successful competition stops followed, crowned by winning the 2023 Interflora World Cup Championship.

Nicolaus lives with his husband in Berlin, where he runs his own workshop with an exclusive flower delivery service. A trained gardener, he is passionate about gardening in his spare time and can be found at his country estate 70 km north of Berlin as often as he can.


A World-class Enhanced Design Session to Add to Your Lifetime of Learning

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A Glimpse into the World Cup with Interflora World Cup Champion Nicolaus Peters