“Just Make It Pretty”


Floral designers and floral enthusiasts “Discovered their Roots of Inspiration”
and creatively designed to “ Just Make It Pretty”!
The winners are among the sixty eight contestants who participated!
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With your support of “Just Make It Pretty” and of the Matt Wood AIFD Fund we are almost to endowment! Every donation makes a difference in reaching our goal!


Once the Matt Wood AIFD Fund reaches endowment, scholarships will be awarded to floral designers to S.H.I.N.E., experiencing continued education through a mentorship in a specialized floral industry concentration. This expertise, in a specific field of interest, offers a rare opportunity to learn from the absolute best in the floral industry. We invite you to join the many who have contributed to endow the Matt Wood AIFD Fund.


About Matt Wood AIFD

Born and raised in a small town in Mississippi, Matt Wood AIFD was inspired by the lush natural scenery and rich graceful heritage of America’s Southern states. He was particularly moved by the seasons of the year which mark not only the glorious changes in the physical world, but moments in our lives as well. He was honored with the prestigious Design Influence Award from the American Institute of Floral Designers which recognized Matt’s exceptional talents, incredible sense of color and texture, as well as his immense creativity. As a floral artist, he expressed his designs in fresh, dried, permanent botanicals and combinations of these varied mediums. Matt inspired and influenced numerous leading floral companies to include Winward International and the Knud Nielsen Company.  With these incredible gifts, his design philosophy was simple, “Just Make It Pretty!”

“Years ago when I was developing my own style, I asked a designer whom I highly respected his advice. That designer was Joe Smith AIFD. He joyfully shared ‘just make it pretty.’ Simply stated, those few words define my work .” —Matt Wood


The AIFD Foundation expresses appreciation to the floral designers and floral enthusiasts who "Discovered their Roots of Inspiration" and shared their incredible talents to “Just Make It Pretty” to lead the Matt Wood AIFD Fund closer to endowment.


The AIFD Foundation expresses appreciation to each and every floral designer and floral enthusiast who took the time to “Discover their Roots of Inspiration” to "Just Make it Pretty” and contributed most generously to help lead the Matt Wood AIFD Fund closer to endowment. Our heartfelt appreciation also goes to those who chose to contribute without competing.

68 entries were received and found their way to be reviewed by the esteemed Qualifying Jury. From this review, 37 entries were qualified based on quality of image, an overview of the design and the interpretation of theme. The 37 qualified entries moved forward to the prestigious Panel of Judges to be evaluated to a scale of points based on Design Elements and Principles with points additionally considered for interpretation of theme. The entire process was completed with jury and judges only knowing the entry number. A thorough review of the scoring was completed prior to announcement.

As a result of this process the Top Ten were determined, naming the First, Second and Third Place Winners!

The AIFD Foundation expresses appreciation

Some Fun Facts about this Year’s Contest!

Introducing the 2021 Flip Book! Take a look!

In the 37 images that you will see, is a selection of designs
qualified by the jury and evaluated by the judges.

We encourage you to take a moment to study what others see as “Pretty”
in that what seems to be a simple statement is truly an in-depth subject!

May we all learn from the shared designs and pass it on
to others to expand the creative process remembering to always
“Just Make It Pretty”!


Prizes  awarded to the First, Second, and Third Place Winners.

The First Place Winner will receive the following prizes:

The Second Place Winner will receive the following prizes:

The Third Place Winner will receive the following prizes:


The AIFD Foundation expresses appreciation to these companies for making these prizes possible:

Official Rules

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In Appreciation


We express appreciation to FloristWare for the development of the contest processes.