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FTD donates $5,000 to total $20,000 in Contributions making FTD the largest sole Contributor to this Fund

FTD has strengthened our Cornerstone of Care, adding $5,000 to total $20,000 in contributions to the AIFD Foundation Catastrophic Fund, making FTD the largest sole contributor to this fund.

“It is during THE MOST CHALLENGING OF TIMES that the floral industry
always RALLIES TOGETHER to support each other.

Each year, natural disasters impact some members of the floral community
and we are committed to supporting those in need to ensure
their businesses get back up and running”

— FTD Executive Vice President of Sales Zac Powell

FTD’s leadership team had discussed the need for a general fund to assist industry members devastated by any catastrophic event while working with the AIFD Foundation to address industry needs during Hurricane Harvey. The initial $5,000 donation from FTD helped the AIFD Foundation open this very important fund.

“Though the Hurricane Harvey Fund was designated for a specific purpose, the thought never left me,” explained AIFD Foundation CEO Lynn Lary McLean AIFD. “Numerous catastrophic conditions occurred over the next couple of years without a general fund in place. The Board of Trustees had no doubt that establishing this fund was the right thing to do to bring hope to those in need. FTD has been in support every step of the way and for that we are most grateful.”

The AIFD Foundation Board of Trustees extends our appreciation to FTD
for their consistent and most generous support.

Natural Disaster Assistance Grant Application Is Also Online

The AIFD Foundation Catastrophic Fund supports Grants awarded to assist with property damage resulting from a natural disaster. The application is available here

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For over forty years the AIFD Foundation has supported A Lifetime of Learning.
The AIFD Foundation Catastrophic Fund addresses the catastrophic component within
the AIFD Foundation providing a cornerstone of care bringing hope to those in need.
The AIFD Foundation Board of Trustees expresses our appreciation for
FTD’s continued support.