2020 - 2021

To assist with the expanding need, the AIFD Foundation Board of Trustees has worked diligently towards the goal of providing additional grants and scholarships.

For a very long time, the AIFD Foundation has wanted to open an opportunity to provide scholarships for AIFD Symposium Premium Registrations to all and not only first time attendees. This is now a reality through the Lifetime of Learning Scholarship, available through our first corporate fund, Floriology Institute Fund powered by BloomNet. AIFD President Jackie Lacey AIFD led the development of this opportunity.

For a very long time we hoped to launch a mentoring process, open to all. With the vision of Charlie  Groppetti AIFD and the support of the Michi Burrell AIFD Endowed Fund and the Bobbi Ecker Blatchford AIFD Endowed Fund, S.H.I.N.E. offers these opportunities.

It was also time that we did all possible to assist those who had accomplished CFD and were interested in  becoming AIFD. With the vision of David Hope AIFD and support of the Tom Powell AIFD Endowed Fund, the CFD Scholarship makes this possible with additional support from participating AIFD Education Partners.

A new AIFD Foundation Catastrophic Fund has been established that opens opportunity for those in need. We have helped many who suffered from Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida. There were other disasters that did not have a state association to work in concert with. This fund is now in place to assist all, when a catastrophic disaster destroys property.

A Lifetime of Learning, a phrase shared with me by my dear friend Sharon McGukin AIFD, has sparked a new series of opportunities at state and regional levels and will continue to expand as we move forward.

You clearly see the power of team work!! With all the good that we have going on and so many involved in these processes, we need help to spread the word! The AIFD Foundation is pleased to announce the names of those who will serve as  AIFD Foundation Ambassadors!

Brenda Blackburn AIFD
Tom Bowling AIFD
Frank Feysa AIFD
Marisa Guerrero AIFD

Jackie Lacey AIFD
Joyce Mason - Monheim AIFD
Jacob McCall AIFD
Sharon McGukin AIFD

Kim Oldis AIFD
Beth O’Reilly AIFD
Ken Senter AIFD
Jenny Thomasson AIFD

Once on the road again, each will share information about the availability of AIFD Foundation Grants and Scholarships. For now, those offering Virtual Learning, may highlight scholarships of interest to their audience.

At AIFD Symposium 2021, The AIFD Foundation Ambassadors will meet to creatively develop all possibilities!
For now, we will  walk together continuing to strengthen a foundation that was started 40 years ago with great purpose.