Catastrophic Fund


The AIFD Foundation has long provided opportunities to add to “A Lifetime of Learning.” The AIFD Foundation Catastrophic Fund was established as “A Cornerstone of Care” to assist those experiencing loss due to catastrophic events.

With no fund in place to help an individual living in grave circumstances due to a massive hurricane or to assist those who lost their business or experienced damage to their home due to the fires in California,  the AIFD Foundation Board of Trustees saw the necessity to establish a fund to assist those in grave need in a timely manner.

The AIFD Foundation has supported in recent years, with funds established for a specific purpose, victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and other catastrophic conditions for Florida residents through the Florida Florist Endowed Fund. In each of these situations there was a state association who worked in concert with the AIFD Foundation to respond to the needs related to these specific events.

“We are pleased to establish the AIFD Foundation Catastrophic Fund in order to provide additional support in a time of need. The stories we heard were heartbreaking. This fund provides the tools to address what we have been unable to in the past so that we may better meet the needs of the people of this industry. The AIFD Foundation Board of Trustees is grateful for the individuals and the corporate entities who provided the funds to establish the AIFD Foundation Catastrophic Fund.”
— AIFD Foundation CEO Lynn Lary McLean AIFD