AIFD Foundation Trustees

Officers of the Board

CEO Lynn Lary McLean AIFD*
CEO Elect John Kittinger AIFD
Secretary David Hope AIFD*
Treasurer Kevin Coble AIFD

Chapter Representatives

Florida Florist Fund Darenda Darnell-Garbarz AIFD 
Southern Chapter Randy Wooten AIFD
North Central Chapter Pete Samek AIFD
South Central Chapter Todd Sweeden AIFD
Northwest Chapter Wil Gonzalez AIFD
North East Chapter Polly Berginc AIFD


Karyn Brooke AIFD
Tina Coker AIFD
Kevin Coble AIFD
David Hope AIFD*
Lynn Lary McLean AIFD*

Janet Black AIFD
Laurie Lemek AIFD
Eddie Payne AIFD*
John Kittinger AIFD

Tony Huffman AIFD
Ron Mulray AIFD
Chris Norwood AIFD*
Derrick Vasquez AIFD*
Theresa Colucci AIFD

AIFD President
Frank Feysa AIFD
Trustees Emeritus

Allen Beck AIFD*
Frankie Shelton AIFD*
James Moretz AIFD
Ralph Null AIFD*
Rocky Pollitz AIFD*
Teresa Riddle AIFD*

Chong Ullom AIFD


*Fellow of the American Institute of Floral Designers